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Bathroom Renovations 

 Client  Unley, SA

With endless styles of mixers taps, shower screens, bathroom tile and vanities a bathroom renovation can seem daunting. The overall layout and each fitting has massive role to play producing the type of the style you’re after.

Creative Ideas

At Project Reno we like to be creative and give careful thought to not just renovating your existing bathroom but first we discuss whether it could be better placed in a different location within your home so we can reclaim other unusable spaces like passages. 

Project Reno has been renovating bathrooms since day one, so you can rest easy knowing that our expertise will produce the dream bathroom you were after. We work with you to come up with a result that is reflective of you and your lifestyle and keep you updated throughout the journey to ensure you’re ultimately delighted.

So contact us today and lets get the ball rolling on your new bathroom.